I have written almost 10,000 articles in over 100 titles in genres as diverse as travel, lifestyle, business, news, entertainment, sport, fitness, interiors and food.

As an Editor, Journalist, Features Editor, Sub-Editor, Design Copy Editor and Production Editor, I have worked on titles ranging from online titles to daily newspapers to weekly tabloids to glossy magazines to special editions. These include:

The Sydney Morning Herald • Vogue Living • WYZA
• The Sun-Herald • GQ • Yahoo7
• The Sunday Telegraph • Home Beautiful • Foxtel
• International Traveller • Playboy • Outrage
• Jamaica Blue Escape • Woman’s Day • BITE
• Restaurant & Catering Australia • New Idea • Slimming
• The North Shore Times • TV Week • Smash Hits
• The Manly Daily • TV Hits • Weight Watchers
• The Wentworth Courier • TV Soap • The Sydney Star Observer