I have walked many a red carpet, lunched with Angelina Jolie, danced with both Minogue sisters, spent a day inside Long Bay Prison, helped children with disabilities plant a forest, walked China’s Great Wall, crawled through Korean invasion tunnels, learned how to plaster a wall and test driven a new model Range Rover through country roads.

All of that in the name of finding and telling the best possible tale.

At my core, I’m a storyteller. I work as a journalist, content creator, copywriter, editor and trainer/coach, specialising in lifestyle, business, entertainment and travel.

I have written for well over 100 national and international titles across my career, running the gamut from The Sydney Morning Herald to TV Week, Inside Sport to International Traveller.

In the digital world, I'm a contributor to WYZA, Rachel’s List, News.com and TV.Week.com.

In the content sphere, I have created content for NSW Health, NSW Tourism, ADA and Foxtel.

And as an educator, I have lectured and coached at five universities and at a variety of corporations.